Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Problem HP Printer : operation failed with error 0x000003e3

I'm trying to install a printer in the network,the printer is found in the network search and the pop-up is displayed to agree to the installation of the printer driver but then I get the error:
Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation could not be completed  (error 0x000003e3). What does this mean?

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Choose printer. Then choose Add Printer.
  • Choose Add a local printer. Click on Create a new port. The default in the drop down box is Local Port. Do not change that. Click Next. 
  • A dialogue box will appear asking for you to enter a port name. Type in the \\computer name\printer name \\computerlab2\Computer Lab B HP Color LaserJe
  • I guess Microsoft thinks printers on a intranet are local.
Hope this helps someone else so they don't spend the hours I did on it!


henry said...

this is cool! it actually works, bro!

umbreho said...

I reinstalled the driver on my server to fix this error.

In Server Properties, Drivers tab, select problem printer and then click Reinstall.

Gauravjeet Singh said...

Hello guys..I solved this problem in a very simple way.
Try accessing the host pc by ip address and not by name.
After that when you will connect to the printer then it will install the drivers automatically without giving error 0x000003e3.
It worked for me.
Hope it works for you all :)